• Napoli
    Piazza Plebiscito e Palazzo Reale: this is the core of the city. Next to the piazza there is the famous Caffè Gambrinus that is worth a visit for the espresso and the amazing babas (Rum soaked pastries)
  • Via Toldedo:  it is one of the main shopping street in Napoli.
  • Via Domenico Capitelli (Spaccanapoli) this is the old roman road, very narrow but very alive and fun to walk
  • Monastero Santa Chiara: this is an amazing 13th century monastery worth a visit
  • San Gregorio Armeno: this narrow street is famous for the stores that sells hand made religious figurines
  • Via Tribunali: famous for the best (and busiest) pizza restaurant in Napoli. Here it is possible to take a tour of the underground city
  • Cappella di San Severo: famous for the marble statue of dead Christ,.
  • Via Chiaia to Piazza Martiri: this is probably the best little street for a walk with the locals.
  • Pizzeria Brandi where they claimed to have invented the Pizza Margherita.
  • Via Partenope to Castel dell’Ovo: great views of the bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius great place to eat on a patio.
  • Borgo Marinaro e Castel dell’Ovo ancient fortress built on a little island, defiantly worth a visit. The restaurants in this area can be a bit of a tourist trap.